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"DDM's coverage of our wedding was amazing, and the video was actually something our friends could really enjoy watching."  Rob & Jamie Donato

"10 and then again 20 years from now you will realize that along with your pictures, your wedding video is one of the most important choices you will ever make."

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Santa Catalina & The Spectacular Thomas Fogerty Winery from Todd Roush on Vimeo.

Tanya our last square aspect ratio video - still gorgeous! from Todd Roush on Vimeo.

Hello, we feel that web video can give you an idea of what we do, but nothing can take the place of watching on an actual television or flat panel.  Please go to our CONTACT page and fill out the form and we'll rush you our free award winning DVD!

Video Part 2:  Montage of Many Different Weddings Starting With A Recent Addtition!

There are 2 Basic Types of Videos
Journalistic (long form) and Romanticized (short form or single camera with lots of stills to fill in the missed shots).
Dreamscape Digital Media Specializes in the Journalistic long form multi-camera video.
A typical format goes like this although all weddings are different and we can do whatever you like.  Traditional & non-traditional weddings are welcomed:
DVDs include full menus and a menu loop with animated windows for easy navigation.
  1. Shots of the venue, flowers, etc.
  2. Preparations of bride and groom
  3. Shots of each photo setup (laughter, etc.) fading one into the next, condensed.
  4. Complete ceremony, 2-3 camera live shoot with occasional slo-mo when appropriate.
  5. Additional photo cross fades to music.
  6. Toasts
  7. Video Stills Montage or Love Story (see our combination slide show projection discount)
  8. Dancing condensed (first dance, father/bride and mother/groom may be full length)
  9. Cake
  10. Flower Toss
  11. Garter Toss
  12. More dancing.
    • Bonus dancing in the DVD Menus
    • Bloopers if there are any and they are wanted in the menus.
    • Interviews will be included if possible.  Please specify as some people prefer not to have this.
  13. ***An additional short form stills montage of the whole event set to your music is included (sort of as a short form video extra!)  People absolutely love this.
The Romanticized (short form) video is usually a series of stills, followed by a shaky handheld single camera shot of the ceremony, followed again by a series of stills.  This video usually lasts 20 minutes although they can last up to one hour.  DDM no longer produces single camera video for many reasons which we will be happy to explain to you.  It's generally just not a good idea although many photographers and dj's who throw video in as a sideline seem to be OK with offering this.
A family heirloom:
Journalistic long form multiple camera video allows us to get a better variety of shots and to move to a better angle with one camera while switching to an alternate shot.  We have 2-3 shots to choose from so the shot selection is generally 2-3 times better.  We also include stills and subtle effects when appropriate.  No wedding video is complete with out at least a little slo-motion!
The ultimate goal is to make sure that we capture the entire day and deliver it in a cinema like feature film that encapsulates and condenses the event.
We prefer to get your music to pull into the video timeline so we really get a feel for who you are and are inspired while editing the day to music.
Please see our "how to choose" section for more details on what to look for and do not hesitate to call or e-mail with questions.  Don't worry, I promise you there are no Sales People working here!  :-)
Have a great day.





*Actual Video Still Shot At Kilcolgan Castle In Ireland!










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